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BeeKind Wood Briquettes for open fires and stoves.

Wood briquettes are ideal for open fires, ovens, chimeneas, wood burning stoves and BBQs.
Wooden briquettes are recognised as being ideal to burn due to their high calorific value. Generally the larger the diameter briquettes burn longer and give out most heat, our briquettes are 65mm diameter.
Compared to logs wood briquettes burn hotter for longer (making them more economical) they are much cleaner to handle and produce less spitting when lit. They also produce lower tar residues.
No glue or additives, 100% renewable energy from compressed cedar wood and redwood sawdust and shavings that burns completely to ash and can simply be placed on your garden.
The carbon dioxide (CO2) balance is even, because wood briquettes release just as much CO2 to the atmosphere as the tree absorbs through growth making wooden briquettes eco-friendly.

CHEAPER THAN COAL - JUST £5.00 per bag when collected
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BeeKind Wooden Briquettes are produced and sold by Maisemore Apiaries Ltd. Maisemore, Gloucester. GL2 8HT

Bring us your unwanted sawdust or shavings - must be clean, under 18% moisture and not contain any MDF, chipboard or plywood.
No amount is too small.
Any questions phone 01452 700289.

Briquettes can also be purchased from our shop.